Rio de Felicidade

The wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro becomes the arena of a story which begins in our indigenous origins, through the Portuguese colonization, and by the arrival of the slaves, trainers of our roots, in scenes that depict all the influence through its customs, music and dance. The theme is the inspiration for evolving circus numbers never presented to the audience in Rio: trio of contortion conducted by the waves of Copacabana beach and the sound of Bossa Nova; the “girl of Ipanema” in acrobatic aerial lira; juggling acts, contortion, adagio and a lot of acrobatics in the best of “Bohemia carioca”, among others.

Age rating : Free

Duration : 70 Minutes.

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Tour: Spetacle History:

2017 – Morro da Urca (amphitheatre – Bondinho). November. Six free presentations, sponsored by “Bondinho Sugar Loaf”, produced by Incentivar and Cia Up Leon, supported by Komedi, with the realization of Brazilian Ministry of Culture through the Law of incentive to culture – “Rouanet Law”.

2015 – Internacional Circus Festival of Rio de janeiro – 2 presentations – December – Circo Crescer e Viver.
Tour throughout “Arenas Cariocas” sponsored by the Award for promotion of culture of Rio de Janeiro City Department of Culture – 17 presentations – January throughout March: Cidade das Artes, Arena Chacrinha, Arena Dicró, Arena Fernando Torres, Arena Jovelina Pérola Negra, Lona João Bosco, Lona Sandra de Sá.